Image by Jakob Owens

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How did you find out about the 6X6NW exhibit?
I saw the call for artists for the 6x6NW Exhibit in one of the newsletter emails from the Shoreline Lake Forest Park Arts Council. I have had the privilege to participate in this event in the last two years, and it was really exciting when I saw that it was coming up again!

What inspires you to participate?
Participating in this exhibition is a great opportunity to expose my work and inspiration alongside many beautiful pieces from other great artists. The idea of supporting a community-driven arts program with a little something of my own it feels so great!

What do you think about the 6 inch by 6 inch format? Do you like working with this size?
As an abstract and mixed media artist this format it's a little bit challenging and, at the same time very exciting! I'm always wondering how I would express my self in such small working space, but once the creativity and imagination take over, I just keep going until I feel I have the perfect pieces for this event.

Tell us about your work and subject matter. 
I'm always inspired by my surroundings and experiences, my goals is to deliver a diverse energy through an explosion of creativity and emotions.  Trying to think outside the box, I use different kinds of techniques with vibrant acrylic colors and materials creating interesting compositions that help me create a unique piece of art.

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