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Why $36?

This price also allows art to be more accessible and give people a taste for what you do - let's hope they come back for more!

Also: 6 x 6 = $36! 

Where does the money go?

40% goes towards the artist (sometimes the artists donate this to our organization). The rest goes back to supporting ShoreLake Arts programming. A non-profit dedicated to cultivating creativity and inspiring our community through the arts.

Can I submit photos to 6X6NW?

Yes! Photographs are a great addition to this show. You do need to print your own photographs and send them to us for this show. 

Can I submit photographs to both 6X6NW and 8X8Photo?

Yes, please. We have these shows separated in the year so we have a great collection of work in 6X6NW too.

Do I need to be a professional to enter?

No! Registration and participation is open to all — no art background required. We have a mixture of youth, amateur, up and coming, and professional artists and photographers participate in these events.

Can I enter a different size for 6X6NW?

No, the size must be 6" x 6" (and no more than 6" deep). It also must be square.

How many items can I enter?

You can enter up to 10 items for each show. Series are welcomed and encouraged!

What happens if my items don't sell?

6X6NW - Unsold items can be picked up from the office, and any left over are considered a donation, and may be used in future years.

For 2023, Artwork pick-up will be at the ShoreLake Arts Office

October 16-18- 10 am - 2 pm

18560 1st Ave NE, Shoreline (206) 417-4645

Any works that are not picked up by October 19 will become the property of ShoreLake Arts unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Artwork to be returned to the artist by mail will be shipped via USPS on or around October 30 (shipping will be at the artist’s expense and will need to be prepaid).

How do I submit my work?

6X6NW - All artwork must be sent or dropped off to the ShoreLake Arts office.

My questions aren't answered...

Please email us! Contact Teresa at

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