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Why $36?

This price also allows art to be more accessible and give people a taste for what you do - let's hope they come back for more!

Also: 6 x 6 = $36! 

Where does the money go?

40% goes towards the artist (sometimes the artists donate this to our organization). The rest goes back to supporting ShoreLake Arts programming. A non-profit dedicated to cultivating creativity and inspiring our community through the arts.

Can I submit photos to 6X6NW?

Yes! Photographs are a great addition to this show. You do need to print your own photographs and send them to us for this show. 

Can I submit photographs to both 6X6NW and 8X8Photo?

Yes, please. We have these shows separated in the year so we have a great collection of work in 6X6NW too.

Do I need to be a professional to enter?

No! Registration and participation is open to all — no art background required. We have a mixture of youth, amateur, up and coming, and professional artists and photographers participate in these events.

Can I enter a different size for 6X6NW?

No, the size must be 6" x 6" (and no more than 6" deep). It also must be square.

How many items can I enter?

You can enter up to 10 items for each show. Series are welcomed and encouraged!

What happens if my items don't sell?

6X6NW - Unsold items can be picked up from the office, and any left over are considered a donation, and may be used in future years.

How do I submit my work?

6X6NW - All artwork must be sent or dropped off to the ShoreLake Arts office.

My questions aren't answered...

Please email us! Contact Teresa at

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