Register for 6X6NW Virtual!


To protect the health and safety of our community, and to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19, we will be moving 6X6NW online this year!

Registration and participation is open to all — no art background required.

6X6NW will include hundreds of original artworks made by individuals locally and from all over the country – by artists of all ages and skill levels.

6X6NW is a much loved event run by the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating the creativity in all of us. The proceeds from this event work to keep the arts thriving in our region. 


We hope you will be a part of 6X6NW!

You can submit a maximum of 10 pieces - series welcome and encouraged!

$100 cash prizes will be awarded for Director's Choice Award and Sponsor’s Choice Award! Awards are for the artists work (1 or 10 pieces)

Schedule for Artists

August 1: Call to artists

August 1 - September 18: Artwork may be mailed to the Arts Council

September 14-18: In-person drop-off (safety precautions are in place to ensure a seamless contactless drop off)

October 3, 10am: Early Entrance Ticket Holders have access to buy

October 3, 2pm: Buying opens for all

October 31: The artwork will be available for the month of October for purchase

November 16-20: Unsold works may be picked up (contactless)

December 1: Unsold works to be returned by mail via USPS by this date

December 1: Artist commission checks will be mailed by this date


Complete the online registration form
(works will not be received without prior online registration)

Artists may submit up to 10 unique works

Please do not register until you have your works completed as we need titles for each piece

There is a $6 fee to register (free for students pre-K to grade 12)

Note - you only pay the fee once regardless if you enter. e.g. $6 for 1,2 or 10 photographs.

You will receive 1 x Early Buyer ticket with your registration 

Artwork Requirements

Finished artwork must be 6 x 6 inches, and must be flat-backed

Artwork with 3D components may not exceed 6 x 6 x 6 inches, and must be able to hang on a wall.

Works on paper (or other thin material) MUST be mounted, matted or framed such that the back is stiff.

Works smaller than 6 x 6 inches must be mounted, matted, or framed such that the outer dimensions of the finished piece is 6 x 6 inches.

Framed works are accepted but framing is not required. Outer edge of the frame may not exceed 6 x 6.

All entries must be original and may not be copied from a published artwork or photograph.


Work of any medium on any surface will be accepted. Please no glitter or unfixed charcoal/pastel.

Sale of Artwork

All artwork entered into 6X6NW will be offered for sale for $36

No NFS works

The Arts Council will pay any applicable sales tax on any works sold


Artists have the choice of the following:

1. Sale money from any art becomes a 100% donation to the Arts Council – Thank You!!

2. Artist receives 40% commission on any works sold.

Delivery / Drop Off

All  6 x 6  art must be received by the Arts Council office at the Shoreline Center by September 18.  Please, no late entries!  Earlier is better. REALLY!! IT’S WAY BETTER!

Delivery by mail is preferred

In-person drop off is open from September 14-18, Monday – Thursday 10-4, Friday 10-2.

Contactless drop off: we will have contactless drop off for the artwork. Please do wear a mask when dropping off/picking up artwork.

Address: Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council
Attn: 6X6NW,18560 –1st Ave NE, Shoreline WA  98155

Original packaging materials will not be saved.

Each work, regardless of delivery method, should be sandwiched – but not attached – between two pieces of flat, clean 6 x 6 cardboard.

Once artwork is received in the Arts Council office, the artist will be given 1 complimentary guest pass to get admission to the Early Buyer Position. 

Labeling of Artwork

Each work MUST have an identifying label affixed firmly with tape to the back side

Labels should be approximately 2 x 4 inches, white paper with black ink, typed

Labels must include artist’s name, title of the work, and email

This label will be removed upon sale so please do not glue or affix so strongly that it can not be lifted off

Artists may ALSO include a personal business card firmly affixed to the back side, or hand write directly on the back of their piece – this is in addition to the label and will stay with the work once sold

Installation / Hanging

Works on paper (or other thin material) MUST be mounted, matted or framed such that the back is stiff and can be hung by the buyer


The Arts Council can not guarantee any ordering on where the artwork is displayed on the pages of the website, or in relation to other works. It is the nature of an exhibition that some works will be displayed less optimally than others.

Unsold Works

Unsold works which are left as a donation to the Arts Council become property of the Arts Council

Artwork for pick-up will be available at the Arts Council office November 16-20, Monday – Thursday 10am-4pm, Friday 10am-2pm

Any works that are not picked up by December 1 will become the property of the Arts Council.

Artwork to be returned to the artist by mail will be shipped via USPS on or around November 16 (shipping will be at the artist’s expense)


Artwork will not be insured by the Arts Council

Photography of individual works and the 6X6NW installation will be allowed without limitations

The Arts Council reserves the right to exclude any works which are deemed offensive or otherwise inappropriate

A word from the Arts Council

The aim of 6X6NW is to be an open and all-inclusive, community art exhibit.  We will strive to show as many submitted works as possible in the exhibition.  However, there may be works which we will reserve the right to not exhibit.


 As we plan for 6X6NW we are continually thinking of all those we serve: our members; event sponsors; guests to the event; and the artists. It is our goal to be fair and respectful to all in considering what is displayed.  


In the event that a submitted work is declined for exhibition by the Arts Council staff, someone from the office will contact the artist personally to explain.   




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